Abby and Will’s wedding- London, Westminster Chapel, The Devonshire Terrace

I feel so blessed that Abby and Will asked me to photograph their wedding day. The location for their wedding was in one of my favourite places of the world, London. The more I visit, the more I appreciate it and how close I am to such an amazing place.

So back to Abby and Will. An American girl, met an English boy, they fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. That is the short version of their story, of course it is a little more complicated than that, but the main thing to note, they got MARRIED! The wedding day was an absolute joy to witness, the connection between everyone at the wedding was so strong, and we captured some lovely moments. Abby and Will are both connected to Westminster Chapel, so it was great to see them get married in a place that is so personal to them both, and I am sure everytime they go there from now on, they will be hit with all of the happy emotions they felt on their wedding day.

After their amazing ceremony, we hit the streets of London for some bride and groom portraits. I do love capturing the moments between guests, but this is also a part of the day that I so enjoy. I put the couple together, step back, let them do their thing and click away, with very little intervention from me, I find this approach to be a good one, as the couple can concentrate on each other and not me.

After this we hopped in a cab and made our way across to theĀ Devonshire Terrace, a crazy cool restaurant located very near to Liverpool Street, with the Gherkin just around the corner. Here we had lots of fun partying well into the night.

Thank you again Abby and Will, to say I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to photograph your wedding is an absolute understatement, I hope you both enjoy the rest of your lives together.

Steven x

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