Becca and Davide- Westminster Chapel, London

I would like to say that I am quite a well travelled chap. I have been to some of the most beautiful places that this planet has to offer, admittedly there are still many on the list that I need to go to, but without a doubt one of my favourite places is London. Getting to photograph weddings in London is the best thing!!!! As a photographer, there are so many nooks and crannies to explore, that offer a million different creative opportunities

I met with Becca over at her flat in Brixton. I really need to spend a few days there with my camera, there was a photo opportunity every millisecond, I will definitely go back when the crazy wedding season is over this year.

Davide and Becca married at Westminster Chapel. I first shot there in 2015, when I had the pleasure of photographing their friends Abby and Will’s wedding. St James’s park is a 5 minute walk from the chapel, so of course we made the most of this and walked there for a few photos. Riding up and down the Mall on the back of a pedicab, photographing Davide and Becca on their Vespa is one of the coolest wedding moments I have witnessed.

The day ended with an epic party, lots of in house cocktails and a kicking band that had everyone on the dance floor, including us, I caught the last train with just under 1 minute to spare 🙂

Thanks for a very awesome day Becca and Davide, it was a pleasure spending it with you all.

Steve x x

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  1. Sarah Unwin says:

    What a fabulous set of photos. Capturing the day in such a wonderful way. thanks so much xxx

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