As well as photographing weddings, I also offer a portrait service. This can range from capturing the beautiful, candid moments of a family spending time together, to fashion and commercial work.

I like to keep my shoots very relaxed, and ensure that everyone involved has fun. Because of the vast amount of experience I have photographing weddings, I favour shooting on location. This can be in your family home, a nice park or beach.  Living in the heart of Kent, the beautiful places to shoot are endless. Being in a location that you are familiar with will ensure that you feel relaxed and you can be yourself, and is especially important when photographing children.

I enjoy shooting in the studio too. I hire a lovely studio in Southborough, just on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, Kent. It has a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, which is just perfect for those family shoots.  There is even car parking opposite the studio.

If you are interested in arranging a portrait session with me, feel free to contact me via my contact page, e-mail or telephone.

Details and pricing for portrait sessions can be found here.

On Location Portrait Galleries

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