Ellie and Mike, bump to birth

I photographed Ellie and Mikes wedding back in September 2018, a time way back when the world was a different place, when it was ok to meet loved ones, spending time with friends, sharing experiences and making memories. Then in 2020 the world was flipped, turned upside down!!!! Suddenly so many of the things we loved in our lives had been taken away, snatched without warning.

It’s during this time that we started to appreciate the things in our lives so much more, the tight bond that a couple like Ellie and Mike have with each other holding everything together, and instead of allowing time to stand still, they followed their hopes and dreams and started a family.

And just like that, with the world around them in chaos, their little boy was born, a bundle of heavenly joy that made total sense.

When I photographed Ellie and Mikes wedding a few years ago, I could never have imagined that 2020 would turn out the way it did, but it was getting to spend extra time with my own family, and documenting these miracle moments through the lives of couples like Ellie and Mike that made everything so much easier, for which I am forever grateful.

Steven x

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