Emma and Matt’s Wedding- The All Saints Church, Crowborough

What a beautiful and very traditional English wedding this was. Set in the lovely village of Crowborough, the venue was the All Saints Church a mixture of old and modern.

We arrived at the church, and sticking with the traditional English theme, the heavens were open pouring with rain, luckily it stopped just before the guests started to arrive, and we were left with a gorgeous sunny day. Crowborough is a very special place to Emma, who grew up here, and in fact her parents got married at this very church, so the pressure was on, in a good way of course 🙂

Now living a million miles away from the village of Crowborough, Emma and Matt with their little girl live in Sydney, Australia, an equally amazing place, so flying back just a week before their wedding day, to be with friends and family was an exceptional thing to do. The strong connection between everyone here was clearly evident, and I just hope I have been able to document this, for everybody to look back upon in years to come.

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