James and Chloe’s wedding- Chiddingstone, Kent

I photographed James and Chloe’s wedding in 2020, just a week after the first covid lockdown finished in England. So restricted guest numbers had been put in place along with social distancing rules.

Weddings by their very nature encourage close human interactions, a kiss, a hug, holding holds, things that as a wedding photographer I love to capture during the day, so to have these rules in place that takes a lot of that connection away was rather strange.

But it honestly didn’t matter in the slightest, just to be out again, getting to do the things we enjoy, and seeing some of our loved ones for the first time in ages, it felt like the biggest gift.

I can’t express enough just how thankful I was to photograph James and Chloe’s wedding, it was my first one in over 6 months, and it reminded me of just how much I enjoy and missed photographing couples getting married. And that’s the main thing to remember about all of the weddings I photographed last year, they are all about couples just wanting to be married, and getting to spend a small amount of time with the ones that they had missed so dearly.

Steven x

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