Katie & Kris Wedding- Borgo Casabianca, Tuscany, Italy

Katie and Kris truly are two of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  The way they invited me into their lives, having me along to document but also be part of their wedding just as a friend, was an honour.

Getting to know Katie and Kris in the run up to their wedding day has been such a joy, and the dedication and hard work that they put into the wedding was astounding, Katie and Kris, you should be so proud of what you achieved.

So Italy, a place that I am desperate to explore with my little family, it is breathtaking. The landscape is like a watercolour painting, full of lush greens, bold yellows and that subtle blue sky, I couldn’t help but image how wonderful it would be to visit with my wife and children as I crossed from Pisa to Asciano on a 3 hour train ride.

When I arrived at the venue, Borgo Casabianca in the heart of Tuscany, I was greeted by the big smiles and hugs from Katie and Kris. They showed me around, introducing me to their family and friends, everyone relaxing by the pool in the late afternoon Italian sun.

The first evening, Katie and Kris held a traditional Italian meal for their guests, what a sight it was to see everyone having fun as the purple haze from the sunset closed out my first day in Tuscany.

And now to the wedding day. Katie and Kris have spent the last 2 years planning for this one day, a couple so in love that you can’t help but smile when you are around them, I knew it would be amazing, and it was. The tiny little details that they put into the day, the sweet presents from Kris to Katie (watch for the playing cards) and then just having everyone that they loved there with them, it was like a dream.

Katie and Kris, thank you will never be enough, for having me along, and just allowing me to do my thing, I still can’t believe you chose me to document your day, it will honestly be something I will never forget.

Steven x

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  1. Katie Bennell says:

    The loveliest wedding photographer we could ever have wished for. We love our wedding photos to the moon and back – thank you for the most beautiful memories.

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