Kerri and Luke’s wedding- Cooling Castle Barn

Hey folks. Here we are February already, I know this year is going to be another busy and manic year photographing weddings, I have some very cool stuff coming up, including a small break with my family, our first holiday in 3 years.

So Kerri and Luke’s wedding, now I am always telling couples to enjoy their day, and really appreciate the time they have with their family and friends during the wedding, as it really is one of the only day’s that you will have everyone that you love in the same place, I think it is pretty evident from the following images that they really listened to me. Some of the moments between Luke and his Nan are those once in a lifetime images, and you can really see how close Kerri is with her bridesmaids.

I have photographed a few wedding’s now at Cooling Castle, and it never disappoints, each one is different, allowing the couple to really put their own stamp on thing’s.

Thank you Kerri and Luke for inviting me along, you made us feel so welcome and we had an absolute blast of a time being part of it all.

Steven x

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