My 2017 Retrospective

So here we are, January 2018, to be honest I can’t quite believe that I am writing this blog, 2017 was an absolute whirlwind of a year. I travelled to many new places around the UK and abroad, and have had the pleasure of meeting lots of new couples, who I now consider friends. Photographing a couples wedding day is so much more than just turning up with a check list of things to do, it’s being totally dedicated to capturing the wedding in a genuine way that shows the moments and emotions.

2017 was the year that I totally fell in love with photography, not just photographing weddings, but as a whole. It is like a time machine, freezing these moments that in many years to come you can look back on, and instantly be transported back to that moment with the emotions flooding through you. This is why I photograph weddings, it really has become an obsession almost.

When I think of 2018 and the year to come, it is excitement that I feel,  I truly can’t wait to see what lies ahead, the moments that I will witness and capture, but all of this wouldn’t be possible without the couples that just allow me to do my thing, so thank you everyone.

And of course my little family, goodness I really don’t how I could do all of this without them. Being a wedding photographer can be a bit of lonely existence at times, the many hours sat by myself at the computer, or driving to venues and meetings, the lack of human contact can be hard. But knowing they are there for me, always and forever making me smile really is the best thing, so thank you Duntons, words really can’t express how grateful I am.

I hope you all enjoy looking through these photos, just a few of my favourites from the year 2017.

Steven x

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  1. Dude you totally smashed it this year! So many amazing moments and so much emotions captured! Love the donut shot and the moped shot in particular!

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