My 2020 round up, love wins!!!

In 2020 I photographed a total number of 8 weddings, the smallest being just the bride and groom, and the biggest being 30 people, so a little different to the large weddings we are used to capturing, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of them feeling like a glorious victory in the face of all the rubbish stuff last year.

Every kiss captured, every heartfelt moment documented, I treasure and value all of them. Seeing family and friends coming together, after being apart for what felt like an eternity, was the most amazing thing.

I thank all the couples that allowed me to be part of their wedding day last year, going through the emotional highs and lows of the pandemic has been tough for everyone, but these days of marriage shed a glimmer of light and hope upon everything, and total proof that love really does win.

Steven x

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