Privacy Policy

Hi folks. So with the recent GDPR implementation there have been a few changes to the law with regards to how businesses will use and collect your data, how it is stored, and basically making sure that us as business owners protect your data, which is a good thing right.

Here is a breakdown of the things you need to know and how your personal data is handled.
  • The Data that I collect
I need to know your name, it could get quite embarrassing if I have to create a nickname for you, your actual name is so much better.
99.9% of the time initial contact will be made via my website contact form, which arrives to my password protected email address, which by the way I only have access to, not even my wife has access to it!
I will need to collect your address, maybe not on initial contact, but further down line if we meet at your house to discuss your super amazing wedding, or maybe your house is where you will be getting ready on your wedding day, so I will need this to enable me to actually do the job you are paying me to do. I will also need your address so that I can post out your super dupa photographs to you.
It would be great to have your telephone number, a face to face meeting can’t always happen straight away, so a chat on the phone is good, string and tin cans are not really the best way to achieve this, the Alexander Graham Bell method is much better.
  • How I collect and store your personal data
Generally, the first form of contact with the outside world will come to me via the contact form on my website. When you send the message, it arrives to my email account, which as I stated above is password protected, and no it’s not my name. By sending this email, you consent to me using your personal information, like your email address/telephone number so that we can have a chat to disscuss things further. If you do decide to go ahead and book me, then your personal data is stored in my swanky GDPR compliant software Lightblue, which by the way is also password protected.
If you decide not to use my services, I will delete your information from the database.
As with most websites, this one uses cookies, which basically help me to make sure my website is performing properly. Cookies are bits of information that are stored on your computer by your web browser. Although the cookies don’t store any of your personal information, they do allow this website to provide you with a more personalised user experience, to track your use of the website, to analyse website activity and to allow you to login and begin use of the website automatically when you visit. If you do not want your web browser to accept cookies from websites, then this can be adjusted in the tool bar of your web browser.
  • Right of confirmation
If you would like to know exactly what data I have stored on you, then please do ask, it’s not a secret, and will only be the data that you have provided. Of course though if you would like me to erase all personal data on you, then this will be done.
  • Using your data
Your email address will be the one I use the most, I will only have access to this if you email me enquiring about my services. I never give your email address out to anyone without necessity. The only time that I may give information out like your email/telephone/house address is to my awesome second shooters on the wedding day. They may need this information to hunt down the groom for prep, your consent will be asked for though before this information is passed on.
  • Photographs, photographs, photographs
Here is thee main bit, the reason why you have contacted me in the first place, you want me to photograph you, on your wedding, at a party, at work etc. Photographs are an amazing thing, they capture a person and show exactly what they look like, making you identifiable in the picture. This is the grey area, the bit that hasn’t really been 100% decided by the EU, are photographs an example of personal data. Yes if they have your full name/address/telephone number/email address, you catch my drift. When I post photographs on the world wide web, I never use any more than your first names, if it’s a blog on my website, or just photographs on Facebook/Instagram to show off your amazing wedding day, of course though I always seek your permission first.
Occasionally a wedding blog, venue, make up artist etc may ask to use the photographs for their own website or social media, in this instance I will give my consent or not to use the images, but I will ask that they seek your consent too, so that nothing gets shared without your permission.
All the photographs that I take are stored on my password protected/encrypted hard drives and computer, seriously these things are like Fort Knox.
So there you have it, if you do have any questions or queries, then please do feel free to contact me.


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