Sarah and Tristan’s wedding portraits

One of the first thing’s a couple say’s to me when we meet up is “we hate having our picture taken” I hear it so many times, and I totally get it, to be honest I’m not a fan either. So when it comes to bride and groom portraits, I keep it as relaxed and simple as possible, zipping around the various spots’s throughout the venue, as I also don’t want to keep the couple from their family and friends for too long, it is important that a couple spends time with them on their wedding day and not me.

So Sarah and Tristan, a couple that didn’t want to do any portraits, well we went off to do a few as I found some cool little spots and they also had a pretty damn epic sunset.

Some very kind words from Sarah “Thank you so much for being part of our day, the photography was all so relaxed and I must say everyone kept saying in the run up to the day make sure you take time to chat to Tristan as it goes fast and you barely speak, we feel we spent a lot of time together chatting and enjoying the moment and that was entirely thanks to you, so we will never forget that and are entirely grateful. We had an amazing, wonderful family filled day and it was just what we dreamed of”

Steven x

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  1. Julie hogg says:

    Just stunning – thank you

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