Selina and Dave, A Winters Barns Wedding

Selina and Dave’s wedding, some of the most fun I have had in one day. Having met them both as guests at Kerri and Luke’s wedding, I knew it would be a great day. It was my first time at Winters Barn in Canterbury, and it made a perfect backdrop, a very beautiful venue with a relaxed and chilled attitude.

I met Selina at the venue along with the girls for prep, while my second Laura met Dave and the boys in town at a crazy cool barbers, for a pre wedding shave and a few drinks. I always feel exceptionally lucky that I get to work with the most relaxed couples, that let me do my thing, and capture the day, kind of from a guests point of view, which means getting in the action to capture those real moments.

This also means that I get to stay for the party, which is by far one of my favourite parts of the wedding, everybody letting their hair down, kicking back and enjoying the shenanigans, Sambuca will forever remind me of this wedding, as you will see in the party images.

Thanks again for having us there Selina and Dave, a true pleasure being part of it.

Steven x

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  1. Selina James says:

    These pictures really capture our perfect day, the laughs, dance moves and special moments with our loved ones. I honestly look at our pictures, weekly (I would say daily but that may come across too much) thank you so much for providing us with such great memories to look back on forever. Xx

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