Susie and Greg’s wedding- Preston Court, Canterbury

Preston Court in Canterbury, my goodness, what a crazy cool place to get married. As a Kent wedding photographer I have shot in a lot of different venue’s in the area, but Susie and Greg’s wedding was the first time I had been to Preston Court. I will never forget their wedding day, firstly it was totally epic, and secondly it was my birthday, and what a great way to spend it.

Preston Court is a bit of a dream venue for a wedding photographer, so many different backdrops, old rusty trains, a beautiful lake and an old school merry go round.

It was lovely to see and capture the happiness throughout day, something that I always appreciate as a wedding photographer.

Thanks for inviting me along to the day, let’s hope that my birthday next year is just as amazing.

Steven x x


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  1. Abby says:

    These are amazing, Steven.

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